Bot developer

Looking for a software developer – API’s, Web development, Mobile development, Bot’s and Alexa skills.

The ideal candidate will have experience using the known platforms like Chatfuel, ManyChat, FlowXO, OctaneAI, but be able to work on Microsoft Bot Framework or IBM Watson if the company project requires more complex work.
Integration with different platforms like FB Messenger, SMS, Viber, website, etc.

You will need to show evidence of the following:

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • sales and negotiation skills;
  • a goal-orientated approach to work;
  • the ability to handle multiple priorities;
  • problem-solving ability;
  • the ability to meet deadlines and targets;
  • ambition and the determination to succeed;
  • tenacity;
  • confidence and self-motivation;
  • time management and organisational skills;
  • team-working skills;
  • creativity.

You must also enjoy working in a high-pressure environment and the responsibility that comes with it.

Work experience in sales, marketing or any customer-oriented role is useful for starting a career in the recruitment industry. Active membership of student societies may also help you provide evidence that you have the necessary skills.
Recruitment consultancies will often accept applications from those without recruitment industry experience as long as they demonstrate the right combination of skills and personal qualities.

Кандидатствай Сега

За да кандидатствате, моля прочетете изискванията на позицията, и ако отговаряте на тях, просто попълнете формата по-долу и натиснете КАНДИДАТСТВАЙ

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