Smart chatbots – digital assistants with artificial intelligence (AI), automate communication with users and help businesses save staff 6 to 10 minutes of conversation per client. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of this software solution by businesses across many industries. In 2020, Gartner ranked smart chatbots in the top 5 business solutions needed to get out of the crisis.

The advantages of AI chatbots for business are numerous. We have selected for you the 12 most common benefits for business, customers, and employees, which lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

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Why You Need an AI Chatbot for Business

24/7 Availability

On average, 35% of users search for information during the night. The chatbot is on duty around the clock on the business website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AI chatbot automates communication with customers and helps reduce customer service costs.

Increases Sales

The AI chatbot supports marketing and sales by directing potential customers to suitable offers, order forms, and more.

Affordable Employee

A chatbot is a digital worker who never sleeps and costs the business a fraction of the salary of a customer service employee.

We are no longer learning how to work with systems.
We are teaching systems how to communicate with people.

Customers will Love Your Chatbot

Instant Answers

Your customers will be more than satisfied when they receive immediate answers to their questions via the AI chatbot.

Easy to Use

The AI chatbot does not require the user to install and learn new applications. Just chat on the site!

AI Chatbot with Personality

Set your chatbot to be fun, compassionate, energetic, or serious. It represents your business.

Always Available

AI chatbots can provide much more information about your business, products and services than a site can. 24/7

Chatting is the new way people get informed, make decisions, and communicate.
The AI chatbot automates all of this.

Employees will be Grateful to You

Increases Efficiency

Let your employees work on exciting tasks. Leave the routine ones to the AI chatbot.

Motivated Employees

Your team members desire to develop new skills. Get rid of the monotonous work and keep them for life.

Creates Opportunities

The chatbot frees up time for employees to communicate with customers when they really need human attention or to perform more complex tasks.

Attracts New Staff

Young and talented people are looking for digital companies that will help them integrate into the team without any problems. The AI chatbot is perfect for onboarding!

More work for the same time with a digital colleague
in your pocket.
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