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The integrations in the bot help to automate various business/communication processes and ease customer service 24/7.

Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms are scheduling a service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer APIs.

Integration with BookOnlineNow

bookonlinenow logo

Integration of a chatbot with BookOnlineNow – a reservation system for hotels and other accommodation places, used by over 2500 businesses worldwide

Here is more information about the possibilities of integration:

The chatbot collects the necessary data to search for possible accommodation options. The data that the bot collects are:

  • date of arrival
  • date of departure
  • travelers (adults, children, infants)

The reservation system returns a response in the chatbot according to the set criteria in the form of a carousel with suggestions for available rooms: photo of the room, room type, price, and request button.

The integration allows displaying a specific room, a specific type of price (promo, standard, etc.), or all rooms and prices.

bookonlinenow result

When you press the request button, the chatbot opens the BookOnlinNow reservation module with the option to book the selected offer.

The integration of a chatbot from UMNI with BookOnlineNow is fully automated and does not require human interaction, which allows the customer to self-service.

Integration with Fitsys

fitsys logo

Fitsys is an integrated solution for managing dermatology clinics, salons, spas, and sports clubs. It has all the necessary features to manage the entire business – modules for working with customers, communication, staff, warehouse and inventory, resources, expenses, calendar, and reservations.

Here is more information about the possibilities of integration:

After selecting the procedure for which the client wants to book an appointment, the bot offers the option to select a date and shows all free hours for the procedure.

After selecting a time-slot, the customer only needs to provide contact details.

Before completing the reservation, the bot checks again whether the selected date and time have not been taken in the meantime.

fitsys integration calendar

After sending the collected information to the Fitsys system, the customer receives a unique number of his request.

The integration is fully automated between the chatbot from Umni and Fitsys

For more information on the integrations above or other possible integrations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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