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Hybrid chatbot: AI + Livechat

Chatbot + conversational artificial intelligence + LiveChat is the perfect combination for a company when it wants to provide customers with a successful digital self-service tool. With the new functionality in Umni’s platform – Livechat module, available to our customers since February ’21, our company not only achieved another milestone in its business proposals but provides businesses with the opportunity to have a balanced, convenient, fast, and successful customer service.

The chatbot takes over that part of the service where users can self-serve on topics and tasks predefined and accessible through navigation in the chatbot.

Conversational AI turns on when the user asks a question. The more users ask the smarter and richer the AI module becomes, and the more topics and questions it can handle without staff intervention, 24/7.

When the user has not found the information he is looking for or it is not available in the bot and in his AI module, or if there is a complex case in which a conversation with a business representative is necessary, then it is time to switch to and use the LiveChat module in the bot. After activation of the LiveChat by the user, the bot sends to the business a notification that a customer is waiting to be assisted in the chat by the staff (sent by email or by SMS). The client receives a notification from the chatbot that the business has been warned and instructions to leave a message with more information about their case for the staff.

What is happening on Umni’s platform on the business side is the difference between the chaotic scrolling through the Facebook Inbox in search of a specific customer, rummaging through different folders, files, and documents for the information needed to serve the customer, and the annoying waiting in between all these actions… and the possibility for the staff to be able to communicate with all clients quickly, easily, organized and from one place. The LiveChat module in Umni’s platform saves time and resources, and the communication brings satisfaction to both customers and staff.


All communication with customers in the chat module takes place through Umni’s platform, where staff can:

  1. Track all customer messages
  2. To turn on or off the LiveChat for a specific client
  3. To send text, images, and links in response to a customer
  4. To create its own “library” of ready-made answers for faster and automated communication with customers
  5. Tune the settings

The Livechat module in details


Customer message tracking:

  1. In the Livechat module in our platform, the staff has access to the chats with all users who have communicated with the business chatbot during the last 24 hours.

The time range is determined by Facebook’s “24-hours” rule for using a chatbot in Messenger, according to which a business can send an unsolicited message or response to a user within 24 hours of the user’s last communication on the chatbot.

  1. For each user’s chat, there is a countdown timer that shows when the 24-hour’ window for communication with the user closes
  2. Users with a request for a Livechat with the staff are marked, making them easily identifiable and quickly accessible
  3. The staff can search for a specific user in the list of available users in the Livechat search engine
  4. In the Livechat module, only the messages sent by the user and the staff are tracked and displayed.
  5. Staff can search for a keyword in the messages sent and received for each user

Livechat with the client:

  1. The staff can switch On and Off a Livechat with a client.
  2. Enabling Livechat turns off the AI module in the chatbot if such is available, and vice versa.
  3. When activating a Livechat with a client, a countdown timer is activated. Even if the staff has forgotten to turn off the Livechat with the customer after the communication with him/her is completed, after let’s say 1 hour from the last staff’s message, the timer will automatically deactivate the LiveChat.
  4. Each staff message launches a new 1-hour “window”.
  5. In “Settings”, the business determines the time range of the countdown timer to a time convenient for staff and customers.

Conversational Content:

  1. Eligible content for sending customers through the LiveChat module and according to the rules of Facebook are text messages, images, and links.
  2. For the convenience of the staff and for the faster customer service, Umni added to the platform 2 additional possibilities for automation and acceleration of the communication, which are NOT possible through Inbox on Facebook

A) Sending individual parts of the chatbot as an answer – existing as parts in the chatbot or created separately and specifically as ready-made logics in order to answer specific frequently asked questions


B) Creating a “library” for quick answers: a gallery of images and templates of answers to frequently asked questions – texts or texts with an attached link (in the bot are displayed as text with an action button).


** Each template has its own counter, which shows how many times it has been sent to customers, which is additional feedback for the staff and business what information is most often inquired and sent to customers.

Livechat module settings:

The staff has access to the following settings:

  • The time range for the countdown timer to automatically turn off the LiveChat
  • Email to receive notifications
  • Other chatbot settings based on the specifics of the particular chatbot

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