Chatbot Modules from UMNI

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The modules in our virtual assistants perform various tasks requested by the clients – from automating forms and data base search to modules just for giving their customers some fun time.

These are some of the modules we’ve created for our customers. You can test their demos in our own Umnibot here:

If the module you are interested in is not listed below, please contact us to discuss how such module can be implemented.

Most of the modules come with a demo, demonstrating the functionality. For some modules demo is impossible due to the nature of the functionality itself.

New Modules for UmniBot


Live chat with notification

The live chat with notification to the staff gives the customers the option to ask for conversation with employee of the business and the employee receives notification in Messenger and/or by email that there is a customer waiting in the chatbot.

The customer can switch the live chat off and on with 1 click.

secure area

Controlled Access Area

Controlled Access Area option provides the business with the possibility to decide which customers have access to a specific information.

This option is useful for Customer Loyalty programs, Partnership programs, Resellers program and other.

air quality index

Air Quality Index

The Air Quality index module, allows your visitors to receive an information about the current air pollution. It can be set in two ways. For the user to choose a specific location or to choose from predefined locations.

Unlike many other services, our module provides real-time data and not data from the previous day.

NLP Module

NLP Module

Umni’s NLP module (natural language processing), enables your bot to be much clever and not using just keywords.

With the NLP module you can provide your customers with a much better and personalized experience and to highlight your business.

All Modules for UmniBot

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Virtual concierge

Search in a database of pre-selected locations around the hotel, such as restaurants, bars, theaters, banks, and more.

See the DEMO

Online Bookings

Search for a product or service in a database and make a reservation – make the booking step by step

See the DEMO

Broadcast Module

Keep your visitors informed by sending them periodic messages. Users can be filtered


Online Store

Search by different criteria in online stores and supplying products that match the demand, and the ability to buy

See the DEMO

Direct Email

Your visitors can send you emails directly from chatbot without having to have anything else installed


Real Estate Search

Search for properties online, based on given criteria (eg type, quadrature, location, price or other characteristics)

See the DEMO

Currency Calculator

Real-time data for all currencies. The user can also choose the amount to convert, as well as the currency pair

See the DEMO

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for a city selected by the user. The forecast may be for number of days or for today.

See the DEMO


Daily, weekly, monthly and annual horoscope for all zodiac signs. At this point, the horoscopes are in English only

See the DEMO

Search a Car

Търсене на автомобли онлайн според зададени критерии (модел, марка, гориво, година, пробег или други характеристики)

See the DEMO

Flights Search

Search airline tickets online, based on criteria (destination, date or other user defined criteria)

See the DEMO

Audio Messages

To make your UmniBot even more interactive, we offer the ability to embed audio messages

See the DEMO
audio tour

Audio Tour

The Audio Tour is a virtual guide of a tour with text and audio information on the landmarks.

See the DEMO

Taxi Calculator

Такси калкулаторът дава възможност на Вашите посетители да изчислят каква би била приблизителната цента на пътуване от точка А до точка Б

See the DEMO