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Questions and answers for the chatbot

The AI Chatbot is a software solution that automates the conversation with customers, answers the most frequently asked questions, automates reservations, questionnaires, surveys, and other forms, and can perform other functions through integration with external applications, programs, and platforms.

Today, due to the use of conversational AI and the ability of chatbots to get smarter with each conversation with users, AI chatbots are becoming a preferred self-service tool.

In April’20, Gartner ranked them in the Top 5 activities businesses need to implement to increase their digital efficiency and quality of customer self-serves to get out of the coronavirus crisis faster.

In June’20, CB Insights identified chatbots with AI as a technology that would change customer service and customer support globally in the years to come.

The AI chatbot is the first step in customer service automation and Umni is your partner in it providing your business with a tool to turn the raw conversations into a trained dataset for your business and implement it into a chatbot to have the smart solution your business need.

Why businesses use AI chatbots

For the business:

  • Boost direct sales: helps with direct inquiries through built-in promotions, order forms, and integrations
  • Saves time and resources: substitute staff in those 70% routine issues – through predefined information and built-in conversational AI
  • Helps to optimize staff performance
  • Works 24/7 – it takes night shifts
  • Tool for training new employees
  • Turning the flow of questions into structured data and insights in order to:
    • Improve the quality of service and support
    • Increase efficiency
    • Predict trends among the customers’ search and interest
    • Improve operations
    • Improve management and marketing efforts
  • Affordable: does the work of at least one person at a cost of maintenance often a fracture of the salary of one employee

For the customers:

  • The first line of contact, open 24/7, responds instantly in one or more languages, even when the office is closed
  • Useful, easy to use, and convenient
  • Enables customers to self-service contactless and increases their sense of safety when communicating with business
  • Eliminates customer dissatisfaction from waiting for answers to their questions and requests
  • Increases satisfaction – users receive information or service when they request it and in a convenient format, regardless of their location, business hours, or time of day, without the language barrier

For the staff:

  • Helps for higher efficiency by decreasing the routine tasks
  • Increases job satisfaction – more skilled work is done
  • Increases the motivation for professional growth
  • Gives extra time to communicate with users when there is a need for human touch, empathy, and attention or to perform more complex tasks
  • Reduces the need for personal contact for basic information and routine tasks (bio-safety)

Did you know that?

  • On average, 35% of consumers ask a business a question or inquiry in the Messenger at night time, after 19:00 and before 8:00
  • Umni Chatbot saves an average of 12 minutes per customer or up to 150 hours per month to Reservations and Marketing teams of TEZ Tour Bulgaria (the largest Russian tour operator operating in Bulgaria), see a case study here.
  • In the Varna Regional Library, the Umni chatbot took over 30% of the requests for reassigning a book in the first 3 months of work, see a case study here.
  • At the Reverse Dermatology Clinic, the Umni chatbot has saved staff 1,460 hours of chatting with clients in 11 months, see a case study here.