Our Platform

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We built our no-code platform as a solution to business problems we experienced first-hand while working with many companies and consulting hundreds.

We have built key features that are needed to simplify and automate the creation and maintenance of the content, answering questions for the centralized AI and others. All made simple and intuitive.

The business has full control over the content at any time with no special skills required.

The platform gives back insights about customers’ behavior in the conversations.

Main Functionalities

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Conversational module

Collecting and structuring customer questions to ensure the conversational AI can recognize and answer frequently asked questions about your business – with answers pre-selected by you to help the staff with repetitive questions and more.

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Content Creation and Maintenance

Available at any time to add or change so that the information is always up-to-date and help both users and staff:

  • Promotions
  • Forms
  • Texts, images, etc.
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Always on hand for your business to better understand the clients and improve planning, marketing, sales, and customer service. Make smart decisions.