myu umni webinar new normal

Chatbots are in top 10 as an anti-crisis solution

International Business School in Sofia organized on May 22 a webinar on “COVID-19: restart in Tourism. Digital technologies and the new normal in tourism”.

The webinar focused on solutions for businesses in the field of tourism and discussed various applications of digital technologies as anti-crisis solutions. Lecturers from the academic and business circles participated in the panel with interesting and useful information.

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation, the introductory presentation of the webinar was by Elitza Stoilova from Umni about the need of using technologies in hospitality and chatbots as virtual assistants in tourism.

In April of this year, at its webinar, Gartner shared 10 guidelines for improving digital efficiency and business self-service now and in the many months of recovery ahead, and in fifth place were chatbots as a necessary communication tool.

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