Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions

Creating chatbots since the beginning of 2018, our team had thousands of conversations about this software solution, its functionalities, business benefits, and more. We are sharing the most commonly asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, type it in our AI chatbot to get a reply, contact us by email or set up a demo call.

An AI chatbot created on Umni platform can be embedded in your business website or other online platforms where its code could be implemented. It operates within a website widget and it is managed on the Umni platform.

An AI chatbot can have more than one language installed. If you choose the self-training option, you can train your digital customer assistant on the languages of your customers as soon as these are AI languages.

If the AI module training is done by the Umni team, currently, we support English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian. Other languages can be added upon request.

How smart a chatbot is, depends on whether AI is embedded in it or not. If it has conversational AI, the smartness depends on how well trained it is and how many topics it has been trained to.

The job of the assistant is:

– Providing information in the form of texts, photos, buttons for additional information and quick links, audio; fast and easy self-service option

– Two-way communication: the conversational AI simulates the conversation with a person, instantly identifying the meaning of the query and providing a response from the built database.

– Collecting Feedback and inquiries: another important element is the forms that allow customers to contact the business quickly and easily, make an inquiry or other.

AI chatbots are a software solution with a focus on business tasks, customer service, and support. AI virtual assistant software acts more like a personal assistant helping with personal daily tasks. AI chatbots are a simpler solution with a narrower range of functionalities than AI virtual assistants.

Umni use AI digital assistant wording as a synonymous of AI chatbot to emphasize the AI assistance part of the AI chatbot and the voice option, as often people think about chatbots as a basic solution that is navigated only by scrolling over pictures and text and clicking buttons.

The development time depends on what the chatbot should do: whether this is a simple chatbot with a form or two or there is also a conversational AI module and other functionalities. It can take from a couple of hours to several months (for the conversational AI training).

The conversational AI module will continue being developed after the AI chatbot will be implemented.

The price of a chatbot is determined by its functionalities, it is a subscription paid monthly. You can find our current pricing on our website. If you plan a special project, send us an inquiry, and share more details about your project so that our team can give you a more accurate answer, or book a call with our team.

First, you must decide on the functionalities of your chatbot ‚Äď what shall it do, how it would help your business, customers, and employees, and create a team in charge of the project. Then comes the choice of a chatbot platform, planning of the chatbot, collecting the information that is needed (text, images, links, files, conversation topics with answers, etc.), starting the development, testing it, and, finally, implementing the chatbot.

Chatbots can perform a variety of tasks, from answering frequently asked questions to automate tasks, gathering customer information, questionnaires, and more. The functionalities of each specific chatbot depend on what the business assigns to it to do, where it will be implemented, and with whom it will communicate – with clients, partners, or staff.

The chatbot starts automatically when a customer enters it in the widget. The AI module is activated when customer types or asks a question. There are many ideas on how to promote your business chatbot, so customers know about this service option and have fast access to it. You can find some of the ideas in our blog.

The Umni platform provides an option to generate a web page with a widget for AI assistant by a template, which is managed quickly and easily. The hosting and the sub-domain are provided by Umni. The website contains up to 2 information pages, a contact page, a change of languages, ‚Äč‚Äčand links to the club’s social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Dribble, Instagram, Youtube), everything else can be open as information in the AI assistant in the widget on the web page.

It does not matter. Adding an AI assistant to the site is easy with a little code. The widget (name, colors, logo, and other settings) is managed through the Umni platform.

As the training of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčmodule is a long process of data accumulation, it may not have an answer to a question. The AI assistant will answer that it does not have information on the topic at this moment. Information about a missing topic in the module will appear as a notification in the platform, the module will be trained, and answers provided.

The AI ‚Äč‚Äčassistant “learns” from talking to each user. The more it is used, the smarter and more useful the assistant becomes.

Consumer behavior statistics provided are only general information such as what users are asking or looking for, what time of day they do it, and more. The forms send the collected information to an email specified by the company. The information collected is deleted in the AI assistant at the time of email sending.

The content is controlled entirely by the company. The company adds its information on the platform, provides and maintains answers on company topics in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčmodule, also can make changes at any time throughout the entire content.

If the required company information and materials are ready to use, the initial information and topics with answers about the company could be added within 3-4 days. The AI module is a subject of constant and continuous training. Other content may be changed and a new one added when necessary.

No special technical knowledge and skills are required to work on the platform of Umni and on the management and maintenance of the AI digital assistant. Umni will provide all the necessary instructions for using the platform and working on the AI digital assistant.

The integrations in the bot help to automate various business/communication processes and ease customer service 24/7. Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms are scheduling a service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer APIs.

If you are interested in custom integration for your AI digital assistant, please contact our team.

To share documents in the assistant, first upload them online to have an accessible link to them. The links in the AI assistant are shared as a button in an information card. In this way, you can share any external sources of information in the AI assistant: links to pages on your site, blog, or other company online resource, various documents, presentations, images, videos, and more.

You can add more than 1 answer to a question, which will make the AI assistant much more interactive. When more than 1 answer is available, the AI assistant chooses one of the answers randomly.

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