Platform Features

Customer communication automation is made as simple as 1-2-3 on the Umni no-code platform.

We have built key features that are needed to simplify and automate the creation and maintenance of the content, collecting customer questions and answering them to train your own business conversational AI, making various forms, and others.

All made simple and intuitive to improve your marketing and sales and overall customer service and support of the business.

Collecting and structuring customer questions to ensure the conversational AI can recognize and answer frequently asked questions about your business – with answers pre-selected by you to help the staff with repetitive questions, ensure high quality and consistency of the service, and more. Choose to do it yourself – Self-training module or get a Centralized AI module.

Train yourself your own AI digital assistant to chat with your customers in 3 simple steps: choose a topic, provide a few sample questions, give an answer to it. Test it. Repeat. Do it for all FAQs.

Have multiple offices, branches, or franchisees that need to customize a bit their own AI digital assistant? Do it smartly, have it done once! With Umni platform centralized AI module, you can have trained one conversational AI dataset for the AI chatbots of all your offices and give them the management of the answers. Trust it to the Umni team.

We did it for hotels – the hotel AI assistant was trained to 800+ hotel topics with 11,000+ customer questions behind, which means ready to answer customer questions from Day 1 of its implementation. We have other sets too, as “small talk” and else. Contact our team to find out if we could help your business to turbocharge your AI assistant with one of the pre-trained sets.

Available at any time to add or change so that the information is always up-to-date and helps both customers and staff. Get the answers to the top 10 questions at the fingertips of the users, offer them promotions and other specials. Add appealing text and attractive images to keep the attention on.

Create various forms – orders, subscriptions, messages, and more, to collect customer information in a few simple steps. Each form has its own settings and statistics to manage who in your team receives the information and gets back feedback on the form used, and also its own direct link for quick access. Optional SMS notification to speed up customer service.

The secret sauce of Umni platform, this functionality allows the business to create sales micro funnels inside the AI digital assistant by connecting the bot answers to other ready parts of the bot like forms for collecting customer information and information cards/carousels. Eliminate the dead-end bot answers and guide the customers to the action of your choice.

Fully integrated with the Umni platform and customizable according to your branding and business needs from your account (colors, logo, and set up), the widget is easy to implement in any type of website. Choose from one or more customer languages, text-to-voice option for bot’ answers and predefined text content, voice-to-voice (beta).

No website? Or do you want a standalone AI digital assistant? No problem! Generate a webpage with a widget for your AI Assistant on Umni platform to feature your business products, services, events, and more. Customize the template in no time with your colors, logo, and favorite background – an image or video.

Always on hand for your business to better understand the clients and improve planning, marketing, sales, and customer service. Make smart decisions using the first and zero-party data from your AI digital assistant.

Voice assistance in Bulgarian and English for voice messages and faster and easier online communication.

Link a button, text, or image on the site to a form or carousel with cards or a single card in the chatbot for more interactive marketing and sales funnels.

The result!

Your business has an AI digital assistant to help customers and employees 24/7 by:

  • Bringing a 2-way communication and welcoming spirit to the website
  • Providing customers with the most needed information at their fingertips
  • Answering instantly all those routine questions
  • Collecting various inquiries and emailing them to the person or the department in charge to follow up
  • Guiding customers to actions that benefit both your business and them
  • Helping employees find an answer or information about the company, product, or service fast and easy
  • Improving customer service and communication: comfort, safety, and accessibility
  • Providing your business with insides for smart decision making

Sell. Save. Care.                     Grow!

For your convenience we added two extra tools to support your work: a link shortener and a QR-code generator. Get additional insights about the links your business shares in the AI digital assistant and outside of it. Create fast and easy various QR-codes for your business needs: from links and e-mails to business cards and events.
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