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Increase direct hotel reservations automatically!
From a team with over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry
  • Guest support: 24/7
  • Up to 75% of frequently asked questions: answered instantly
  • Requests for accommodation and services: accepted
  • Night birds: serviced
  • Customer data: collected
  • Self-service for guests: provided
  • Staff training tool on their phone: bonus 
With an average of 35% of night chatting and 20% - 45% of requests through the hotel chatbot happening at night, there is finally a solution that is fast, easy to use and convenient for customers, and helps the hotel and staff deal with various challenges around the clock.

The digital replacement of the paper hotel compendium! Check the pros and cons of all digital alternatives of the compendium and why the chatbot is the ideal solution:

Get a smart hotel assistant on your website from Day 1



  • The conversation module, supported by the Umni team, instantly recognizes and answers 700+ hotel topics with 8000+ customer questions behind
  • Unlimited number of request forms (sending an email to the hotel and SMS notification to staff)
  • Automatic translation of information content: smart chatbot in 2 languages – fast and easy
  • Access to the chatbot from anywhere online and offline via a link and QR code: with 1 click or scan
  • Data on customer behavior and search: first-party and zero-party
  • Landing page with chatbot if it’s time to change the hotel site
  • Access by the hotel team to the chatbot for changes, upgrades, and more: around the clock, without technical knowledge and skills
  • Fast and direct room booking through chatbot integration with hotel reservation system WebHotelier (available), Quendoo (available), BookOnlineNow (available), Clock (in development)



The hotel AI chatbot answers most questions and accepts requests 24/7!

Smart hotel chatbot in 2 languages ​​- for the price of one. Get started today!

Hotel AI Chatbot on the website - Why now?

Top revenue generation channel
In 2021, the hotel website became one of the top 3 revenue generation channels for hotels globally (2nd and 3rd place). At the same time, 56% of users leave it after viewing 1 page, and 54% - after ½…
Top trend in the chatbot world
43% of chatbots are used by businesses on their website and their usage continues to grow
Top trend in hospitality industry
Although it is a relatively new technology for hotels, the usage of chatbots by hotels in 2022 will increase by 53% (64% among independent hotels)
Customers want it! Competitors do it!
The hotel website needs to be modern and smart, and to communicate better!
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Our clients results

Casa di Fiore SPA & Medical Hotel, 5 *, Kranevo

The 5-star hotel uses a smart digital assistant on the website to solve several challenges such as staff shortages, the need to serve potential customers and guests at night, help with reservations and online requests, freeing staff from routine questions and requests, and more. The hotel took an innovative approach to its AI chatbot on the site by creating an avatar for it and calling it “Miss Fiore”. The hotel participated with its hotel AI chatbot project in the Digitalk & A1 Awards Competition. You can read about Ms. Fiore’s story in the article in Digitalk by Kapital (in Bulgarian).

For the first year of work (2022) Miss Fiore achieved:

  • 83,543 users assisted in Bulgarian and English, even if every customer took only 1 minute to be assisted, Miss Fiore has chatted with guests over 1,390 hours
  • Over 545,000 actions in the chatbot including clicking and chatting in just 12 months
  • Saved close to 7,000 working hours to the hotel employees (the work of 3 to 4 people on duty every month)
  • 62% of the communication is via mobile phone
  • 39% of night chatting (up to 45%)
  • 32% of requests were submitted at night
  • On its busiest month of the year, Miss Fiore had close to 61,000 interactions by users with over 4,000 customer interactions on its busiest day
  • The hotel AI chatbot has integration with the WebHotelier reservation system for quick and easy room booking through the chatbot


Hotel complex “Izgreva”, Banya, Bansko

Izgreva had an old website and no automation of customer communication. The manager of the complex had to accept requests for accommodation until late at night by phone without a day off while planning the operations and managing the complex which led to delays in all duties. The small hotel has an ambitious approach to the introduction of an AI chatbot with its own landing page and uses the best practices in promoting its chatbot online and offline.

For the first year of work (2022) Izgrevcho saved at least 1,400 working hours for the hotel manager further accomplishing:

  • Over 1,100 hotel topics activated (in 2 languages)
  • 16,222 users have communicated with the chatbot one or more times
  • Over 82,500 interactions from customers (clicks or questions) were taken care of, an average of 200 to 480 interactions per day on busy days, with a peak in July 2022 – over 13,500 interactions from hotel guests in that month
  • 10 forms for accommodation and other services successfully collected over 860 inquiries from 17 countries
  • Up to 41% of requests through the chatbot are submitted outside working hours
  • 42% of the communication happens between 18:00 and 8:00
  • 74% of the communication is via mobile phone
  • Over 3,200 customers with over 4,000 customer interactions on its busiest day this year
  • Digitization of the Restaurant menu through the chatbot
  • Automation of accommodation requests via chatbot
  • Replacement of the old site with a new one by redirecting the domain to a landing page with an AI chatbot created on the Umni platform


  • Case study about the “Izgrevcho” chatbot here
  • Watch a video story about Izgreva’s problems and how the hotel AI chatbot solved them.
  • Read an interview with Mariana Terzieva, manager of “Izgreva” about the implementation of the chatbot and what changed in the work of the team and the business with the chatbot’s help.
  • How Izgreva uses Messenger chatbot with its AI chatbot on the website to automate customer communication here
  • How Izgreva uses a QR code to direct guests to the chatbot from the guest room keys here

Good practice

widgetIncrease sales of your hotel services with a direct link or QR-code to a form in the chatbot for booking or requests for:


  • Accommodation
  • A table in the restaurant
  • Room service
  • Meeting room
  • SPA services
  • Promotions in the chatbot
  • Birthday cake
  • Order of a gift voucher
  • Wakeup call
  • Transfer to the airport, etc.
Direct your guests to the request forms from anywhere online and offline with 1 click or scan: from social media, emails, messengers, SMS, flyers, business cards, banners, stickers, or QR-code in the room, at the reception, in a smart TV on the territory of the hotel, on a table in the restaurant and everywhere else, where there is digital and physical traffic of your potential and current guests.

More happy guests, more direct reservations!

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