Why AI?

Collecting, structuring, and analyzing customer questions is the 1st step to successful customer service automation. On Umni platform your business can catch and turn customers questions into data, build its own database with topics and answers and train its own industry and business-specific conversational AI assistant to:

Improve the quality of service and support
Improve operations using insights
Predict trends
Predict trends among the customers’ search and interest
Improve management and marketing
It is digital!
Increase digital efficiency
Build loyalty
Interact with guests instantly to help build further loyalty
Additional channel
Secure one more channel to drive revenue and more

Train yourself your business AI digital assistant to chat with your customers in 3 simple steps: choose a topic, provide a few sample questions, give an answer to it. Test it. Repeat. Do it for all FAQs. As easy as 1-2-3. This option is perfect if you are a small to midsize business and your customer questions do not spread over too many topics.

We did it for hotels – the hotel AI assistant was trained to 800+ hotel topics with 11,000+ customer questions behind, which means ready to answer customer questions from Day 1 of its implementation. We have other sets too, as “small talk” and else. Contact our team to find out if we could help your business to turbocharge your AI assistant with one of the pre-trained sets.

Have multiple offices, branches, or franchisees that need to customize a bit their own AI digital assistant? Do it smartly, have it done once. With Umni platform centralized AI module, you can have trained one dataset for the AI chatbots of all your offices, trust it to the Umni team:

Section Selector

Allows various business/branches/offices to use the same industry/business-focused conversational AI module customized for their needs by choosing to activate only relevant topics

AI Training

The centralized AI allows the AI bots to learn from each other from each interaction with customers.

The more it is used the smarter it becomes.

AI Answers

Completely customizable for each branch/office/franchisee by the business itself providing relevant replies in the Answers section. Multiple answers to a topic are available.

AI Digital Assistant

AI Digital Assistant is an industry-specific conversational AI tool that helps Brands to improve customers support with 24/7 self-service, safe time, and resources, optimize staff performance, and more.

  • Open one more channel for revenue generation
  • Provide customers with a smart 24/7 digital self-service option, answering their questions instantly
  • Automate the communication and routine
  • Turn customer questions flow into conversational AI dataset
  • Gain insights (live statistics) about the customer behavior
  • Make intelligent decisions based on data
  • Choice of topics
  • Answers to questions
  • Predefined content (cards and carousels)
  • Micro funnel creation (using redirects)
  • Dynamic forms to collect customers inquiries
  • Integrations (when technically possible)
  • Ongoing AI training with every user interaction
  • Live statistics about customers behavior
  • Standalone widget for AI Assistant – for an existing website
  • Webpage (template) with a widget for AI Assistant
  • Text-to-voice for all text replies (optional)
  • Voice option (EN)
  • Links to business RSVN / CRM system
  • Links to .pdf file or other sources of info online
  • Forms for inquiries, orders, subscriptions, or other
  • Redirects from AI module’ answer to Forms and other Predefined content
  • Promotions and special offers content and forms
  • Integrations (if technically possible)
  • 24/7 instant response (customer self-service tool)
  • Answering customer questions (AI module)
  • Collecting customers inquiries (Forms)
  • Automating FAQ and routine inquiries
  • Helping optimize employees’ time
  • Employees’ training assistance (business compendium on their phone)


The hotel AI assistant was trained to 600+ hotel topics, means ready to answer thousands of questions.
Petcare (for Dogs)
Demo of an AI chatbot that helps dog owners get answers about dog habits, pet hygiene, feeding and other.
A sneak peek to how a SPA or Beauty salon’ digital assistant with its own web page could look and feel like.
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