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Save Time and Reduce Cost in Customer Service

Statistics show that an employee spends on average 7 to 12 minutes in chat with one customer, which turns into hundreds and thousands of staff hours paid for this communication. However, some 70% of the questions asked and tasks done are repetitive.

Do you track the conversations with your customers? Are they structured and analyzed? Is there a waste of time and resources in your business? Can you optimize your staff performance by automating the frequently asked question?

Collecting, structuring, and analyzing the customer questions is the 1st step towards automation and a must-have step towards using conversational AI for customers’ communication, service, and support.

Umni can help you collect and convert customer questions into your industry-specific trained AI to automate the communication, save time and resources, and gain insights about the customer’s behavior for better planning and smarter decision making.

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umni mcai violet

Our centralized AI training module helps businesses make their first step in customer conversation automation using AI easy and fast. Scale the value of the conversations and accelerate the journey to conversational AI with Umni


tez tour case study

The entire team of TEZ TOUR Bulgaria is extremely grateful to for the patience and professionalism they showed in creating TEZBOT. They are also very responsive and proactive in maintaining our chatbot and give us great suggestions to make the bot even better for us and our customers. In just about a month, messages from customers have doubled, as has the number of inquiries received. We are satisfied and recommend their services!

Romina Lepoeva
Marketing Department


umni ai long term project

The smart digital assistant is a long term business project

Umni was featured in the blog of ABC Design & Communication with an interview about fewer know facts and information about chatbots by the business. Just to highlight one of

bulgarian success stories in robotics for 2020 report

Umni with case study in Bulgarian Robotics Report’20

PARA - Professional Association of Robotics and Automation has published its 3rd annual review report from the series "Bulgarian success stories in robotics and automation" for successfully implemented projects in

umni livechat

Smart chatbot with LifeChat – the next level in customer service

Chatbot + conversational AI + live chat is the perfect combination for a company when it wants to provide customers with a successful digital self-service tool. With the new functionality

umni bg digital future

Umni with a speech about AI in tourism for the conference AI AND THE DIGITAL ECONOMY

The two-days online conference “AI AND THE DIGITAL ECONOMY | Shaping Bulgaria's Digital Future" was organized on the 27th and 28th of January by the Digital National Coalition, the Ministry

umni book startup in bg

Umni featured in the book “Startup in BG-2”

After the success of his first book "Startup in BG" about his path and challenges as an entrepreneur, the author Kaloyan Kirilov wrote a sequel - "Startup in BG -

umni integration fitsys

Umni offers integration with Fitsys: sports and beauty

Chatbot integrations help automate various business/communication tasks and improve customer service, 24/7. Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms, are booking an appointment for

umni integration bookonline

Umni offers integration for hotels with BookOnlineNow

Chatbot integrations help automate various business/communication tasks and improve customer service, 24/7. Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms, are booking an appointment for

umni radio sofia city chatbots

AI chatbots – solutions for the urban environment

After the great interest and positive feedback on our conversation in Radio Sofia about the 5 most interesting projects with artificial intelligence (in our opinion), at the beginning of January

umni podcast update bloombergtv investorbg

Umni about AI chatbots in the BloombergTV podcast

The first episode for 2021 of the technology podcast Update on BloombergTV hosted by Elena Kirilova was dedicated to artificial intelligence chatbots. For a 30-minute conversation on the topic, what

umni ai solutions

A chat about AI in the Radio Sofia air

In the last hours of 2020, the Umni team spent 10 minutes talking on Radio Sofia on "the most interesting projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020."

umni world tourism network

Umni with a webinar for World Tourism Network

Umni held a webinar for the audience of the World Tourism Network – a global network of hospitality professionals, as part of the WTN Launch and Expo program. The webinar

umni nova tv dec 2020

The smart library chatbot by Umni in the TV news about AI

In its news report, Nova TV illustrated the news about the concept adopted by the government for artificial intelligence in Bulgaria with the virtual assistant librarian Eli - the smart