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Technologies in tourism in Bulgaria – Umni in TV Europe – part 1

“Despite the image of Bulgaria as an outsourcing destination in technology, the rapid development of the startup ecosystem in recent years and the development of tourism as a strategic industry, only 38% of companies developing technology in tourism in Bulgaria have been founded in the last 5 years,” shared on the air of TV Europe, in the show Business Daily, CEO of Umni, Elitza Stoilova, in a conversation with the anchor Dimitar Vuchev on the occasion of the presentation of the 1st for Bulgaria report on technological solutions in the tourism industry. The report BULGARIA: Tourism Tech Mapping Report 2020 is a joint study of PrEXCELerator Bulgaria and Umni and will be officially presented on 29.09 at the Metropolitan Hotel Sofia.


“One of the reasons for the slower penetration of technology in tourism in Bulgaria is the lack of large consumers to invest in and use local solutions, which would encourage startups to focus their know-how on solving problems in this industry. Lack of up-to-date information about the development of technologies and their practical application, as well as a dose of conservatism in the industry itself are other obstacles to the introduction of new technologies in the industry by startups, “explained Elitza Stoilova in the talk show.

The show was broadcasted in 2 parts.


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