Umni hotel AI chatbot is #1

Umni participated in the first Robotics Tournament organized by EduBots, the Association of Robotics and Automation (PARA), Innovation Starter, Sofia Tech Park, and TechnoMagic Land. Our company joined the event with Umni smart hotel chatbot and left it with 1st place in the category “Complex tasks and Artificial Intelligence”. Umni’s hotel chatbot has a centralized AI module and, in addition to standard tasks such as automating requests for accommodation, massage, spa, and other hotel services allows hotel customers to ask questions and receive direct answers according to the hotel’s services and conditions. The centralized hotel module allows hotel (or other business) chatbots to “learn” from each other and become smarter faster. The Robotics Tournament was a great opportunity for Umni to show how artificial intelligence helps business.

MyBot by Umni in the Top 3 at Pitch2Pitch

Umni finished in the top 3 startups at the GRAND Finale of the year-long Pitch2Pitch Startup competition. Over a year ago Umni won the 2nd monthly pitch competition to qualify for the Grand Finale. At the Grand Finale, Umni team reported the accomplishments for the past months just to list a few: building Beta of MyBot, the Umni’s Chatbot Management Platform, adding a centralized AI module, reaching over 1 million messages in our bots in less than 12 months.  It was an amazing experience and opportunity to pitch in front of investors among other innovative startups. Umni is proud to join the best being the only software solution getting to the very top.

Umni Webinar: chatbots and MyBot in action

Umni organizes an online presentation and a demo of a chatbot for a hotel and a travel agency, the chatbot management platform MyBot and ideas for applying the chatbot.

In 40 minutes, Umni CEO Elitza Stoilova will tell what chatbots do, how they help, how they can be used, how much they cost, and answer questions.

As a reminder, Umni was one of the first companies to reach out to help the local tourism industry and offer its services for free.

  • For the hotels: free implementation and free support until September 1 of a basic hotel chatbot with conversational AI
  • For travel agencies: free implementation and free maintenance until September 1 of a basic chatbot.

Participation in the webinar is free, but with a limited number of participants. Registration: (in Bulgarian only). As an alternative, you can register by sending us an email at