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A chat about AI in the Radio Sofia air

In the last hours of 2020, the Umni team spent 10 minutes talking on Radio Sofia on “the most interesting projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020.

AI is applied in absolutely all walks of life and people use the conveniences generated by AI on a daily basis, therefore choosing our Top 5 project has not been easy. We decided to focus on a little more curious and unexpected projects, which are talked about and written about in 2020 …

What are they you will learn from the recording of the conversation on the radio with the CEO of Umni, Elitza Stoilova (in Bulgarian, with a brief written review on the conversation).

We thank Radio Sofia for the invitation to Umni, for such an interesting topic and positive feedback.

We will be happy to continue the talks on artificial intelligence in life and business.

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