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Umni about AI chatbots in the BloombergTV podcast

The first episode for 2021 of the technology podcast Update on BloombergTV hosted by Elena Kirilova was dedicated to artificial intelligence chatbots.

For a 30-minute conversation on the topic, what are the trends, how the pandemic affected the implementation and use of chatbots with artificial intelligence, how the business perceives new technologies, and many more questions, the presenter asked on the air our CEO, Elitza Stoilova.

According to the latest research, investment in artificial intelligence projects will increase by 30% this year. Using conversational AI chatbots will be a major topic for businesses.

We expect more and more companies to realize that in order to have successful full-grown virtual employees in the face of their “smart” chatbots in a year from now and to achieve the desired business results, today is the day to lay the foundations of such a project for their business.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify, as well as on the websites of BloombergTV and

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