Umni's 1 year birthday

Umni turns 1 year – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Umni!

Today we can share our story for the past 1 year as a time that brought us great clients, virtual assistant projects that truly help the business, and better recognition of our Umni brand.

We led lectures, participated in panels and conferences, talk to media – TV, radio and press, about the benefits the virtual assistant bring to business, employees and customers, and we believe that chatbots are used more and more locally and discussed as a business tool because of our efforts to spread the word.

We are proud to be part of the portfolio our first investors, the Canadian fund Loyal VC.

Behind the Umni success for the past 1 year stays not only the hard work of our small Umni team – we are a family, but also the help and support of our friends: the directors and mentors of The Founder Institute accelerator, our clients who trusted us, the people, who believed in us and our ideas, and recommended Umni as a partner. We are so grateful to you, thank you!

Happy birthday, Umni!

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