bulgarian success stories in robotics for 2020 report

Umni with case study in Bulgarian Robotics Report’20

PARA – Professional Association of Robotics and Automation has published its 3rd annual review report from the series “Bulgarian success stories in robotics and automation” for successfully implemented projects in the country in 2020. We are happy to share that PARA included a project of Umni’s in its report, in the services automation section. The activity of our company was reflected with a case study for one of our successful chatbot projects for the international travel company TEZTour.

In 10 months of operation, the company’s chatbot exceeded expectations with the help of both customers and staff and the benefits for the business:

  • Over 4,200 visitors
  • Nearly 30,000 replies
  • Over 1,100 successful applications
  • Over 700 customers subscribed to news
  • Saved: an average of 12 minutes per customer (over 850 operating hours)
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