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Smart chatbot with LifeChat – the next level in customer service

Chatbot + conversational AI + live chat is the perfect combination for a company when it wants to provide customers with a successful digital self-service tool. With the new functionality in Umni’s platform – live chat module, available to our customers from February ’21, our company not only achieved another milestone in its offers but provides businesses with the opportunity to have a balanced, convenient, fast, and successful customer service.

The chatbot takes over that part of the service where the users can self-service on topics and tasks, predefined and accessible through navigation in the chatbot.

Conversational AI is turned on when the user asks a question. The more users ask the smarter and richer the conversational AI module becomes, and the more topics and questions it can handle without staff intervention, 24/7.

When the user has not found the information he is looking for or it is not available in the bot and in his AI module, or if there is a complex case in which a conversation with a business representative is necessary, then it is time to turn on and use the live chat module in the bot. After activating the live chat by the user, the bot sends a notification to the business about a customer waiting to be assisted by the staff in the chat. All communication with the client takes place through the chat in the Umni’s platform, where the staff can track all conversations with clients, turn on or off the live chat for a specific client, send text, images, and links, create their own “library” of ready answers for faster communication with customers and other settings.

The live chat module in Umni’s platform saves time and resources, it is fast and easy to use, and communicate through it brings satisfaction to both customers and staff.

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