umni ai long term project

The smart digital assistant is a long term business project

Umni was featured in the blog of ABC Design & Communication with an interview about fewer know facts and information about chatbots by the business.

Just to highlight one of the messages our CEO Elitza Stoilova delivered:

The first and very important thing is that the chatbot is not a plug-and-play solution.

A good chatbot can start at a very basic level when users just click on the buttons in it, but this is the stage where feedback is collected on how users use it and what they are looking for to identify the future direction of chatbot development.

Chatbots are long-term projects that require attention, analysis, and upgrades so that one day a business can have a fully-developed “smart” digital assistant. The chatbot itself provides feedback on customer behavior in it, which is important for making informed intelligent decisions.

For more on this and other topics, check the blog post here:

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