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Europe TV: Smart technology connects Bulgarian hotels with customers

Interview Europe TV

The business continues to seek for the quickest way to communicate with customers that could help them at any time… This inspired the idea about chatbot – an automated system for communication between hotels and their clients. Elitza Stoilova: “My favorite example is the bot Edward of one big hotel chain in England. It was launched in May two years ago (2016) and was able to answer 180 questions. Two years later, the bot replies to 16,000 questions about 14 hotels and was adopted in such degree into the communication with clients that clients themselves, however warned that they communicated with a software solution, forgot about it and even look for him (actually it) at Front Desk to thank him for his service, leave for him envelops with tips. “Edward” was twice nominated by customers for the Best Employee of the Month and even got one engagement proposal.

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