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Umni offers integration with Fitsys: sports and beauty

Chatbot integrations help automate various business/communication tasks and improve customer service, 24/7.

Examples of integrating a chatbot with various reservation systems, CRM, and other platforms, are booking an appointment for service, booking a room, checking status, and synchronizing information between the chatbot and other systems that offer API.

fitsys integration calendar

From this year, Umni offers an integration of a chatbot with Fitsys, a management system for aesthetic dermatology clinics, beauty salons, sports clubs, yoga, and wellness.

After selecting the procedure for which the client wants to make an appointment, the chatbot offers the option to select a date and shows all available hours for the respective procedure to make a reservation.

The integration is fully automated between the Umni chatbot and Fitsys and does not require human intervention, which allows the customer to self-service and make a reservation through the chatbot fast, easy, and at any time.

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